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Memory And Brain Enhancers / Notens Capsule

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"Say no to tension"

Notens is a herbal antidepressant having mood uplifting properties. It improves self confidence and thought process on regular use. Notens improves concentration and sleep, and reduces fatigue and negative thinking. Notens improves quality and quantity of sleep and it does not cause somnolence in individuals whose sleep is not reduced. Depression and tension have become a pandemic worldwide. According to WHO reports depression is going to become the maximum disability causing single disease by 2020. Allopathic antidepressants have the disadvantage of late onset of action and lots of side effects. Notens capsule has filled the lacuna of a safe antidepressant. It overcomes the drawbacks of allopathic antidepressants by being efficacious and safe to use.


1. No sexual side effects, headache, GI disturbances, liver dysfunctions.
2. Does not have drug interactions with other medicines. 


1. Depression
2. Dysphoria
3. Dysthymia
4. Insomnia
5. Adjustment disorder
6. Anxiety
7. Agitation
8. Tension headache
9. Psycho-somatic disorders