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Herbal Teas / Women’s Tea

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Universal herbal tea Men’s formula is a unique herbal treatment for ladies of all ages and treats leucorrhea (leucorrhea), vaginal discharge, vaginal secretions and white discharge from almost all causes.

Universal herbal tea Women’s formula stimulates the endometrium (inner membrane of the uterus), normalizes the tone of uterine musculature and improves blood circulation.

Treats leukorrhea: Universal herbal tea Men’s formula has potent antimicrobial and antifungal properties that combat the bacteria responsible for leukorrhea and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). It also acts as an astringent on the mucus membrane of the genital system.

Pain relief: Universal herbal tea Men’s formula anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic properties alleviate pain and other symptoms associated with PID and leucorrhea.


Nonspecific leucorrhea (thick and white/yellow vaginal discharge)
Post intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) leukorrhea
Post tubectomy (surgical procedure for permanent contraception) leukorrhea
Leucorrhea associated with PID
Backache and other symptoms associated with leukorrhea
Key ingredients:

Asparagus (Shatavari) has antifungal and antioxidant properties that work synergistically to eliminate common fungi that cause leukorrhea and PID. The herb also soothes aches and pains because of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lajwanti (Mimosa Pudica), terminalia,dalchini, saunth, chhoti papal, tulsi, asgandh, saunf, nagkesar are the other key ingredients 

Directions for use:

Twice daily or as directed by physician