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Herbal Health Tonic / Men's Tea

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Universal herbal tea Men’s formula serves to enhance sexual prowess of males. It has been made from a blend of terminalia, cinnamonum, ocimum, ashwagandha, tribulus, jaifal, amla, saunth, laung and piper Nigrum. Universal herbal tea Men’s formula enhances the male potency and sexual power, it also improves sperm quality and quantity.

It enhances erection and improves ejaculation time. It improves the sexual experience for males and females both. Regular use of Universal herbal tea Men’s formula twice daily improves sperm motility.

The rejuvenating herbs are anti-stress agents, aphrodisiac in action and effectively act as a general body tonic. These are the accepted sources of all the minerals that required by body and their regular use strengthens the overall body system and boosts up the immune system. These are helpful in urogenital and semen disorders like oligospermia. These herbs actually also good for Pitta (fire) because of its pitta pacifying agents, and are best used for premature ejaculation, impotency, spermatorrhea and other semen disorders. The combination is also helpful in age related muscular degeneration and it increases vigor.

Universal herbal tea Men’s formula taken in the recommended doses acts as a natural Aphrodisiac. The usage of Universal herbal tea Men’s formula clearly shows all the properties of a real Aphrodisiac. It acts as a powerful sexual stimulant, that arouses the natural desire for sex, improves total sexual performance and acts as a general body tonic. Unlike the other aphrodisiacs and sex stimulants a man does not feel sexy all the time in day, but sexual desire and stimulation will arouse in the body when his mind wants to do the same at that moment.

Universal herbal tea Men’s formula is a unique high energy and vitality formula that contains essential herbal ingredients put together in the optimum herbal traditions. It greatly helps restore energy and vitality. It is really effective way to light fatigue & general debility. The herbal energy that contained in the capsules recharges the overall body with energy fitness, vigour and vitality. It builds up the stamina, resistance, greatly tones up nervous system, useful in loss of libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and also for decreased sexual vigor and vitality, impotence and nausea.