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Sexual Care Therapy & Normalize Sexual Life / Stavil 'S' Capsules

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"for health and vigour"

A comprehensive approach for libido and  premature ejaculation. It helps in reviving, improving and prolonging the lost vigour and energy of a man. It enhances desire, and helps to control impotency, frequent night falls and oligospermia.
It also acts as a general health tonic and energizer. Even on prolonged therapy it does not cause any major side effect.

Sr No.Scientific NameCommon namePart of plant usedQuantityUses
1Ocimum SanctumTulsiSeeds200 mgIncreases semen and sperm counts
2Tamarindus IndicusImliSeeds500 mgIncreases duration of performance
3Mucuna PruritaKapikachhuSeeds100 mgImproves erection and delays ejaculation
4Pueraria TuberosaVidarikandRoot100 mgIncreases duration
5Myristica FragransJavitriSeeds25 mgEnhances performance and pleasure, improves the duration.
6Gum AcaciaBaboolRaisin75 mgUseful for prostatorrhea

2 capsules twice a day with luke warm milk.