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Best Offers / Dietetic Care Offer Buy 3 Box Madhuhanta Capsules Get 1 Universal Herbal Tea (Anti Diabetic) Free

Rs: 600   540    60 Rs. off ( Madhuhanta (10x3) Capsules + Universal Herbal Tea (15 Tea Bag))                 Rs: 540

Buy 3 Box Madhuhanta Capsules
Get 1 U.H.T. (Anti-Diabetic) Tea Free.


Madhuhanta Capsules

Dosage:- One or two Capsule twice a day with water.

Indication:-Diabetes, Blood sugar & Urine Sugar

Packing:- 10 Capsules in a Blister, 3 Blister in a Box.


U.H.T. (Anti-Diabetic) Tea

Dosage:- One cup tea twice a day. 

Indication:- Diabetes & Physical weakness  

Packing:- 15 tea bag of 2 gms each covered with printed envelop in a box.