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Sexual Care Therapy & Normalize Sexual Life / Thrill Gold Capsules

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"Add Thrill To Your love Life"

Thrill gold contains many rare and costly natural ingredients derived from gold (swarn) like swarn sindoor, swarnmakshik bhasma, swarn bang and many others. stimulates spermatogenesis, sperm quality and morphology. It is useful for impotence, premature ejaculation, hypoactive sexual desire and a number of sex related disorders.

Sr No.Indian NameLatin NameQuantityUses
1Shudh shilajit (Dry)Asphaltum150 mg.Increase sexual power & semen, control many diseases
2Swarn sindoor--30 mg.Aphrodisiac, antioxidant
3Swarn Bang--30 mg.--
4Shudh KupeeluNux vomica50 mg.Increase sexual power & stimulate sexual organ
5Abhrak BhasmaMica purificate10 mg.Tonic & haematinic, Used in chronic asthma, phthisis, old age debility and gives strength to body
6Muktashukti BhasmaOstera edulis20 mg.Natural source of calcium
7Swarnamakshik BhasmaCreragallica purificate20 mg.Increase sexual power, prostatorrhoea
8ShatavarAsparagus racemosus50 mg.Sexual senils & seminal debility
9Konch ke beezMucuna prurita50 mg.Increase sexual power, remove impotency
10AsgandhWithania Somnifera50 mg.Increase physl power, increase hemoglobin
11DalcheeniCinnamonum20mg.Increase duration
12Vang BhasmaStannum30 gmDiuretic & urinary antiseptic. Used in urinary disorders and general debility
13Gokhru GhansatvaTribulus fructus20 mg.Increase sexual power
14SonthZingiber officinates20 mg.Increase digestion
15Loh BhasmaFerrum20 gmSource of Iron, Increase sexual power
16Lodh PathaniSymplocos racemosa50 mgIncrease duration
17Chhoti IlaichiElettana Cardamomim20 mgTonic for brain & heart
18JabitriMyristica fragrans20 mg.Increase duration
19Aonwla ki RasayanPhyllanthus Amblica30 mgIncrease stamina, natural source of vitamin 'C'
20SarpgandhaRauwolfia Serpentina20 mg.Tranquilizing properties
21Khareti ke beez--20 mg.--
22Moosli SafedAsparagus adscendens20 mg.Increase sexual power & bone marrow
23LongEugenia Caryophylluis20 mgAntiseptic
24TalamkhanaHygrophilla astersantha20 mgIncrease semen
Dosage: One capsule twice a day with luke warm milk