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Herbal Teas / Cinnamon Flavour (Pouch)

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 “Sehat aur swad- saath saath”-

Health and taste together

(100% tea leaves free)

It is a unique combination meticulously prepared to provide you with best health and rich taste. A rich aroma and flavour without the harmful tannin and caffeine becomes the USP of Universal herbal tea.

It is completely a herbal production and contains quality herbs like dalchini and mulethi among others, which are beneficial for many body functions. Regular use of universal herbal tea serves to improve the immunity, provides better sugar control, improves digestive functions, strengthens heart, decrease excess cholesterol and controls obesity. It relieves stress, relieves fatigue and rejuvenates you for the whole day.

It is reported that regularly drinking of Cinnamomum zeylanicum (dalchini) tea made from the bark could be beneficial to oxidative stress related illness in humans, as the plant part contains significant antioxidant potential. Cinnamon has been reported to have remarkable pharmacological effects in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance.

Besides having medicinal qualities, it can also serve as a refreshing energy drink.

It can be served in three different forms

1. conventional tea- boil one tea bag with one cup of milk/water (or equivalent mixture of both) for 2-3 minutes. Remove the tea bag, add sugar to taste and serve hot.

2. lemon tea- boil one tea bag with one cup water for 2-3 minutes. Remove the tea bag; add sugar to taste and a pinch of lemon. Serve hot.

3. Ice tea- refrigerate the Lemon tea and serve chilled with ice.

So now its time to refresh yourself with universal herbal tea

Each gram contains:
Sr No.Indian NameLatin NameQuantityUses
1DalcheeniCinnamomum Zyeylanicum300 mgReduce cholesterol, normalize blood pressure
2Arjun ChhalTerminalia Arjuna300 mgReduce cholesterol, normalize blood pressure
3Tulsi PatraOcimum Sanctum100 mgUseful in fever, cold, cough
4SonthZingiber Officinale50 mgIncrease digestion
5MulethiGlycyrrhizae radix100 mgCough, cold & impotency
6Chhoti PipalPipal Longum30 mgIncrease digestion remove gastric problem
7Kali MirchPiper Nigrum50 mgDigestive, antiseptic
8Badi IlaichiAmomum subulatum30 mgRemove gastric problem & indigestion
9LongEngenia Caryophylluis20 mgAntiseptic, increase white blood cells
10TezpatCinnamomum Tamala20 mgFever, cough, Urinary diseases
Packing:        50 gm pouch packing; MRP Rs: 30/-
20 tea bags in box packing; MRP Rs. 60/-