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Anti Cough Therapy / KOFARIX SYRUP

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Kofarix syrup is a unique concoction which not only serves to treat cough but also prevents occurrence of common cold and cough during changing weather. Kofarix syrup contains age old proven herbs like mulethi (glycyrrhiza glabra), tulsi (ocimum sanctum), adhatoda vasica, Saunf (foeniculum vulgare), Kali Mirch (piper Nigrum), Chhoti papal (piper Longum), zizyphus sativa etc.. All the herbs present in Kofarix syrup have cough suppressant properties. Besides acting as cough suppressant Kofarix syrup also act as astringent, expectorant, and mucolytic. Thus it is not only useful in dry cough but also useful in cough with sputum. It soothes the pharyngeal walls and reduces inflammation in the oro-respiratory tract. Kofarix syrup is a boon for people who catch cold and cough easily. It has antibacterial properties as well and boosts oral immunity against viruses and bacteria.

Dosage :- 2 tea spoon (10 ml), for children 1 tea spoon (5 ml) four times in a day.

Indication:- Cough, Cold, Asthma, Bronchitis, Sour throat.