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Herbal Anti pyretics / Jwarhanta Capsules

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"Gentle Care in Pyrexia"

A Careful blend of tulsi (ocimum), kutki (Picorrhiza), Kali mirch (piper nigrum), gilloy (tinospora cordifolia) and gaudanti bhasma makes jwarhanta a highly efficacious antipyretic and analgesic. It exhibits prompt anti pyretic action, relieves body pains, increases immunity against infectious diseases and prevents relapse of fever. Being completely herbal in formulation, it has the advantage of not causing gastritis, gastric irritation, peptic ulcer, rashes, photosensitivity and constipation.

Sr No.Indian NameLatin nameQuantityUses
1TulsiOcimum Sanctum90 mg.Useful in fever, cold, cough & bronchitis
2Kali MirchPiper Nigrum90 mg.Increase digestion, antiseptic
3KutkeePicrorrhiza Kurrooa50 mg.Removes indigestion & constipation
4Gaudanti Bhasma--150 mg.Anti-spasmodic, tonic, antacid. Used in influenza, cough, headache, malarial fever
5GilloyTinospora Cordifolia120 mg.Antipyretic, enhances leucocyte and platelet production and function, recently widely used in India to treat Dengue fever. Removes weakness & so many diseases
  • Adults: 2 capsules thrice daily with luke warm water or milk.
  • Children below 15 years: 1 capsule thrice daily.
  • For Acute Fever: 2 capsules one hour before the expected time of action