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Sharing Ayurveda

We at Ayurved Vikas Sansthan, endeavour to provide holistic health enriched by the principles of Ayurveda.

For the past 30 years, our motto has been to synthesize the traditions, knowledge and values of Ayurveda with our ingenuity, innovations and research. The outcome has been the vast repertoire of herbal medicines effective in almost all human ailments, as well as having the distinct advantage of lesser side effects and complete recovery.
With each passing day herbal treatments are gaining more popularity throughout the world and we wish to serve the humanity by helping people cure their ailments in a natural way.

This helpline is meant to answer any queries regarding Ayurveda, Aurvedic medicines, herbs, herbal medicines and any physical or mental ailments. The responses will be made by our qualified doctors and research fellows based on standard texts and clinical experience. We shall be obliged to serve you for any queries asked.

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