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Living life with Ayurveda

Since ancient times, it has been established that it is always better to prevent illness rather than letting it happen. Ayurvedic texts give us a deep insight into the inner realms of a healthy lifestyle. They not only define the diet regime for a healthy person but also the role of exercise, yoga, pranayam, and many other day to day activities. Over the years these principles have evolved to become more apt in current scenario. Even the western world has now acknowledged the influence of ayurvedic principles in one's life.

Healthy Diet
A diet should always be based on the following parameters:
  • The natural qualities of each food.
  • How those natural qualities can get altered
  • The effects of combining foods – proper and unacceptable combinations
  • The quantity of food intake

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Diet Composition
One other factor that has remained a matter of great debate worldwide over the ages has been the vegetarianism vs. non-vegetarianism controversy.

Initially it was common belief that non-vegetarian diet is superior in that it is full of energetic ingredients and thus provides more strength and stamina.

But now it has been scientifically established that vegetarian diet is more natural and useful to human nature.

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Eating practices to be Avoided
Please Avoid.....
  • Overeating
  • Too much water or no water during a meal
  • Drinking very chilled water during a meal or, indeed, anytime
  • Eating soon after a full meal

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Body Clock
Daily Routine
The body's biological clock is regulated by the doshas. In order to keep the tridoshas in a state of healthy equlibrium and digestion & metabolism (agni) in proper order, Ayurveda prescribes for each individual a specific daily routine.

Seasons and Ayurveda
  • The seasons have attributes much like the three doshas and can cause aggravation and imbalance. Cold, dry weather for instance enhances vata, hot humid climate increases pitta, while cold, wet weather aggravates kapha.

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Exercise and Ayurveda

Regular exercise increases the body's stamina and resistance to disease by facilitating the immune system, clearing all channels, promoting circulation & waste disposal, and destroying fat.Exercise, too, should be in harmony with the specific constitution.
Walking is probably the best exercise of all for any constitution.

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Meditation and Body
Mediate and enjoy the peace with in
Psyche and soma are inseparable.
If one is psychologically disturbed, his body will definitely face the consequences of it. Stress plays a significant role in our life. The rising incidence of mental illnesses has highlighted the need for relaxing your being.

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