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Skin Care And Beauty Products / Raktanihar Capsules

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"For Better Liver Function"

(A Powerful Blood Purifier)

The extracts of neem (azadirachta indica), chiraita (swertia chirata), manjeeth (rubia munjista), Mulethi (glycyrrbizae radix), Daru Haldi (berberis Aristata), giloy (tinospora Cordifolia) and many others make Rakta nikhar a powerful blood purifier. It serves to cure skin diseases, neutralizes toxins responsible for skin allergies, helps to cure acne, pimples, itching, eczema and improves circulation to all tissues. It normalises melanin distribution pattern, thus improving the fairness It also cures and prevents anemia and thus adds glow to the skin.

Sr No.Scientific nameCommon NameusesQuantity
1Neem Ext.Azadirachta IndicaAntiseptic, blood purifier60 mg.
2Chiraita Ext.Swertia ChirataAntitoxin, indigestion120 mg.
3Manjeeth Ext.Rubia MunjistaAntitoxin properties30 mg.
4Mulethi Ext.Glycyrrbizae RadixCough, cold & Impotency60 mg.
5Daru Haldi Ext.Berberis AristataAntiseptic, remove swelling of skin20 mg.
6Giloy Ext.Tinospora CordifoliaRemove weakness, blood purifier, & so many diseases.90 mg.
7BaibidangEmbelia RibesKill all types of worms, increase mental power60 mg.
8KutkiPicrorrhiza KurrooaRemove indigestion & constipation60 mg.
  • one capsule twice a day with water