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Herbal Anti-Diabetics / Madhuhanta Capsules ( मधुमेह नाशक )

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Ayurveda offers highly effective cure for diabetes {=madhumeh (hindi)}. Many herbs have the property of increasing the sugar control and improving pancreatic secretions. Madhhanta has been prepared from such herbs in optimum mixtures so as to neglify the side effects and increase the efficacy and potency. Madhuhanta provides better glucose homeostasis, stimulate pancreatic functions and insulin secretion and reduces the harmful effect of increased sugar levels. It has minimal side effects and is not known to cause hypoglycemia. The dietary prohibitions advised in diabetes are to be followed with madhuhanta therapy also.

Sr No.Indian NameLatin  NameusesQuantity
1GurmarGymnema SylvestrisReduces gycosuria, reduces blood glucose levels, reduces craving for sugar, reduces intestinal transport of fatty acids and sugars.100 mg.
2GilloyTinospora CordifoliaPrevents diabetic complications, Adjuvant, increases efficacy of other ingredients100 mg.
3AonwlaEmblica OfficinalisAntioxidant, reduces blood cholesterol levels, decreases blood glucose as well as triglyceride levels and imporves liver function caused by a normalization alanine transaminase (ALT) activity100 mg.
4JamunEugenia JambolanaReduces blood and urinary glucose levels200 mg.
5BailAegle MarmelosReduces blood sugar100 mg.
  • 1-2 capsules twice or thrice a day (or as per requirement) before meals.