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Gastro-Intestinal & Liver care / Pilekilr Capsules

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"Cure piles Naturally"

Ayurveda offers numerous highly effective herbs for maintaining gastro-intestinal health. Pilekilr is a blend of selected ayurvedic herbs and is a unique treatment of piles / haemorrhoids of various aetiology. It Provides rapid relief from pains, arrests bleeding and eases itching. It reduces inflamation and discomfort due to piles and provides painless and easy evacuation. It is distinct in being able to reduce pile mass and inflammation, thus preventing secondary infections and promoting early healing.

Sr No.Arishtak BhasmSapindus mukurossi30 mg.Removes constipation, Stops bleeding
1Daru HaldiBeroeris Aristata15 mgAntiseptic, stops bleeding
2Neem BeezAzadirachta Indica50 mgAntiseptic, relief in piles
3Kapardak BhasmCovries30 mg.Antacid, carminative & antispasmodic. Used in abdominal colic, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, anorexia & calcium deficiency
4KutazWrightia Autidyterica30 mg.Relief in piles, Stops bleeding
5HaritkiTerminalia chebula60 mg.For constipation,
6KhadirsarGareebneytraeninm30 mg.Relief in piles & wounds
7VidangEmbelia ribes20 mg.Kill worms
8PippliPiper Longum15 mg.Increases digestion, removes Gastric problems
9Shudh GairicBole kubra20 mgUseful in piles
Dosage: 2 capsules twice a day with water

In bleeding piles it is advisable to open the capsule and take the medicine mixed with one spoon of butter followed by milk