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Anti Obesity Medicines / Unislim Capsules

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"Put An End To obesity"

Obesity poses a great problem for our society especially urban population. Unislim is a unique Herbal remedy for obesity which does not cause any major side effects. It does not cause malabsorption, GI upset or nutritional deficiency of any kind. It has to taken in a dose of one capsule twice a day immediately after the major meals of the day. Its beneficial effect can be monitored on the weighing machine just after 6 weeks of its therapy.

Sr No.Indian NameLatin nameQuantityUses
1Medohar Gugal-120 mg.--
2Trifla Extract--60 mgFor constipation
3Punarnavadi Mandur--60 mg.Tonic, diuretic. Used in dropsy, chlorosis, anemia etc
4Hingastak Churn--90 mg.Carminative and gastric stimulant. Indicated in flatulence, dyspepsia, colic and constipation
5Arogya Bardhani--120 mg.--
6Triyusharhadi Loh--50 mg.--
Now let's put an end to obesity in the easiest way possible.

Note: It is recommended that Unislim therapy should be accompanied with brisk morning walk, fat and excess carbohydrate restriction in diet and frequent short meals.