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Gyane Care Products / Leuco-F Capsules

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"For Better Liver Function"

(For Gynaecological disorders)

Modern & research based remedy for gynaecological disorders of diverse ateology from menarche to menopause. Leuco-f is a compound formula to control & stop excessive vaginal discharge rapidly with safety.

checks leucorrhoea and associated disorders promptly.

Stops excessive bleeding in menorrhagia by establishing hormonal balance.

relieves backache, pain in limb, irritability, menorrhagia, dysuria, dyspareunia & pruritus etc.

Leuco-F serves to treat white discharge, excessive bleeding or vaginal secretions, controls the pH and flora of the vagina and thus reduces infections. It tones up the uterine musculature and thus reduces growth of pathogens. Being non-hormonal Leuco-f does not cause any side effects like altered cycles or change in bleeding pattern, swelling over body or any drug interactions. It contains buteae gummi, kukutandtwak bhasma and many sources of natural iron with better bioavailability which serve to improve iron deficiency anaemia in females as well.

Sr No.Indian NameLatin NameUsesQuantity
1Muktashukti BhasmaOstera EdulisNatural source of calcium20 gm
2Praval PishtiCorallium RubrumNatural source of calcium20 mg.
3Kasis BhasmaFerrumIncrease red blood cells & remove iron deficiency20 mg.
4Kukutandtwak BhasmRemove weakness to heart & brain20 mg.
5NagkesarMesua FerraUseful in leucorrhea50 mg.
6Phitkari KheelAlumAntiseptic, anti fungal50 mg.
7RasontBerberis AristataAntibiotic, antifungal50 mg.
8Peepal LakhCucuslacca of Ficus religiosaControl blood deficiencies30 mg.
9MajuphalGallaRegularizes menstrual cycle, improves menstrual irregularities50 mg.
10Lodh PathaniSymploeos RacemosaIncrease duration of sex30 mg.
11Chunia GondButeaeGummiImproves leucorrhea30 mg.
12MochrasBombex Malbaricum ExtRegularizes menstrual cycle, improves menstrual irregularities30 mg.
13Lajwanti ke beezMimosenstiva seedsControl swelling of body30 mg.
14ShivlingiBryonia LaciniosaIncreases libido, improves sexual experience, regularizes menstrual cycle30 mg.
  • 2 capsules twice a day after meals