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Gastro-Intestinal & Liver care / Livexon Capsules

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"A Complete Liver Therapy"

Liver is one of the most vital organs of the body caring for most of the systems of the body and we try to take care of the liver through livexon. It contains Kutaki (picorrhiza), phyllanthus urinaria (bhuni aonla),andrographis puniculata (kalmegh) and many other hepatoprotective herbs and herbal extracts.

It serves to protect liver from alcohol and other hepato-toxic drugs, accelerates recovery process following chronic illness and hepatitis, improves appetite and relieves chronic constipation, treats jaundice, kidney insufficiencies, purifies blood & improves digestion, treats & protects liver in acute viral hepatitis and also improves general health.

Sr No.Indian NameLatin nameQuantityUses
1Bhui Aownla Ext.Phyllanthus Urinaria Ext.50 gm.Useful in jaundice, increases urinary flow
2KutakiPicrrorrbiza Kurrooa100 mg.Remove indigestion & constipation, useful in abdominal pain and spasms
3KalmeghAndrographis Paniculata50 gmHepatoprotective, enzyme enhancer
4Chirayata ExtSwertia Chiraita Ext.30 mg.Increases appetite, reduces indigestion, hepatoprotective
5Punarnava Ext.Boerhaavia diffusa Ext.50 mg.Protect lever, Increase urine
6Giloy SatvaTinospora Cordifolia Ext.50 mg.Remove weakness & so many diseases
7Mandur BhasmaFerroso-Ferric oxide20 mg.Increase hemoglobin, remove iron deficiency, antitoxin
8Loh BhasmaFerrum20 mg.Source of Iron
9Shankh BhasmaConch shell20 mgAntispasmodic, carminative & analgesic. Used in colic, flatulence & tympanites
10Chhoti PippalPiper Longum30 mg.Increase digestion, remove gastric problem
11Anantmool Ext.Hemedsmus Indicus30 mg.Appetizer, indigestion
12Makoy Ext.Solanum Nigrum Ext50 mg.Useful in vata, pitta, kapha diseases, improves appetite
Dosage: 1-2 capsules twice or thrice a day 30 minutes before meals with fresh water.