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Herbal Health Tonic / Energic 31 Capsules

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A complete health tonic: keeps everyone fit fresh and energetic Best selling product

A blend of 31 natural and highly potent herbs, Energic-31 is a unique combination which serves to overcome many disorders and health related problems.

A Superior Herbal Tonic for Energy & Vitality

Energic-31 is an herbal tonic for energy & vitality. It is a super power formula supplement which gives you real energy and makes you more energetic from inside. The natural ingredients present in ENERGIC-31 have direct references in the ancient Indian literature and also have proven clinical usefulness. The majority of the ingredients in this supplement are plant derived herbs. Herbal formulations are generally multicomponent and are mostly based on the concept that such combinations provide more synergistic therapeutic effects and eliminate any undesirable effects (Charaka).

For the past 30 years Energic-31 has been the most trusted and valued brand of our company. The rave reviews and valuable feedbacks of the users have inspired us to uphold the quality of our products to the best international standards.

ENERGIC-31 comes in total 100% vegetarian capsules. It is preservative free and perfect genetically modified organisms (GMO) free. It has no ethylene oxide and no peroxide, with no sulfites and no EDTA.
In addition to being an immense energy booster, it helps in removing the anxiety problems, tension, and insomnia disease. The energy, vigor and vitality that actually comes with this is better realized then expressed in words explained here. ENERGIC-31 is 100% safe to use and in fact will not affect any type of medication that you are using at the moment. This all natural product provokes a sense of well-being and promotes the great energy for daily activities and beyond that

Why ENERGIC-31 according to time honored traditional herbal system?

The rejuvenating herbs present here in are anti-stress agents, aphrodisiac in action and effectively act as a general body tonic. These are the accepted sources of all the minerals that required by body and their regular use strengthens the overall body system and boosts up the immune system. These are helpful in urogenital and semen disorders like oligospermia. These herbs actually also good for Pitta (fire) because of its pitta pacifying agents, and are best used for premature ejaculation, impotency, spermatorrhea and other semen disorders. The combination is also helpful in age related muscular degeneration and it increases vigor.

Possible Indications

ENERGIC-31 is a unique high energy and vitality formula that contains essential herbal ingredients put together in the optimum herbal traditions. It greatly helps restore energy and vitality. It is really effective way to light fatigue & general debility. The herbal energy that contained in the capsules recharges the overall body with energy fitness, vigour and vitality. It builds up the stamina, resistance, greatly tones up nervous system.

It is a natural vitalizer and energizer, improves immunity, stamina, strength, vigor and vitality, maintains general health and reduces physical and mental tiredness. It is useful in body pains and head-aches. It improves immunity and almost all the systems of the body including kidney, liver, nervous system, brain functioning, blood circulation, musculoskeletal functioning and many others. It provides better sugar control, lipid control and blood pressure control

It serves to rejuvenate the whole body and slows down the ageing process. It acts as a Non steroidal extra source of energy for players. It helps regaining energy during convalescence after fever, pregnancy, trauma or prolonged fatigue. It is helpful in rejuvenation from fatigue after a long walk like pilgrimages

Recommended Usage

Adults: One capsule twice on a daily basis ENERGIC-31 capsules are taken by oral route & swallowed with the use of milk

Foods to Favour

Rice along with the milk, black gram (lentil) soup, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruit, chicken and milk

Foods to Avoid

Fried and spicy fatty meals, late night dinner, or junk food, alcohol, smoking and stressful conditions Don't take excessive salty and other acidic foods


ENERGIC-31 can be used on a regular basis without causing any adverse side effect. It is non-habit forming and also non-narcotic.


No special precaution is needed for use of this formula. In case a person is already suffering from any disease or other disorder or ailment it is advised to take ENERGIC-31 after consulting the physician. It is advised that during pregnancy & lactation or person with high blood pressure, the physician should be consulted before taking this.supplement. Store in a cool, dark and dry place at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children


Any Hypersensitivity reaction known with any of the components of Energic-31

Benefits of Energic-31
  • Improves the resistance power and stamina
  • Improves health, and strength,vigor and vitality
  • Enhances digestive system
  • Increases RBC.
  • In general weakness, its giving extra energy to players
  • In physical and the mental tiredness
  • In body pains and the head-aches
  • Improves the total function of all internal systems of the body.
  • Controls diabetes
  • Controls blood cholesterol
  • Normalize the blood pressure (hypotension)
  • Effective in the kidney infections
  • Effective in the genito-urinary diseases
  • Enhances nervous system
  • Recovers weakness that after fever
  • Enhances puerperal recovery
  • Recovers weakness after coitus
Sr No.Indian NameLatin nameQuantityUses
1Shudh shilajit (Paste)Asphaltum450 gm.Increases sexual power & semen, controls many diseases
2Shankh BhasmaTurbinella-rapa10 .gmAntiperiodic, carminative & analgesic. Used in colic, flatulence & tympanites.
3Tribang Bhasma-30 mg.Removes impotency, increases sperm
4Shudh KupeeluNux vomica50 gm.Increases sexual power & stimulates sexual organ
5Kukkutandtwak Bhasma-20 mg.Antiricketic, tonic & alterrative. Used in rickets, leucorrhoea. Increases the quality of semen, removes night fall
6Muktashukti BhasmaOstera edulis10 mg.Natural source of calcium
7Swarnamakshik BhasmaCreragallica purificate10 mg.Increases sexual power, prostatorrhoea
8ShatavarAsparagus racemosus20 mg.Effective in sexual senility & seminal debility
9Konch ke beezMucuna prurita10gm.Increases sexual power, removes impotency
10AsgandhWithania Somnifera20 mg.Increases sexual power, increases hemoglobin
11DalcheeniCinnamonum10 mg.Increases duration of sexual activity
12NagkesarMesua ferrea10 mg.Spermatorrhoea
13GokhruTribulus fructus10 mg.Increases sexual power
14SonthZingiber officinates10 mg.Increases digestion
15Loh BhasmaFerrum10 mg.Source of Iron, Increases sexual power
16Lodh PathaniSymplocos racemosa10 mg.Increases duration
17Chhoti IlaichiElettana Cardamomim10 mg.Tonic for brain & heart
18JabitriMyristica fragrans10 mg.Increases duration
19Suranjan MeethaMerendera persica10 mg.Increases digestion, removes swelling
20BidharaIpomoea petaloidea10 mg.Removes impotence & prostatorrhoea
21JaiphalMyristica fragrans10 mg.Increase duration
22Moosli SafedAsparagus adscendens10 mg.Increase sexual power & bone marrow
23Samundra soshSalyia plebeian10 mg.Spermatorrhoea & Prostatorrhoea
24LongEngenia Caryophylluis10 mg.Antiseptic
25Babool ka gondAcacia Arabia10gm .Prostatohrrhoea
26TalamkhanaHygrophilla astersantha10 mg.Increases semen quality
27Chhoti papalPiper longum10 mg.Increases digestion remove gastric problem
28Kali mirchPiper Nigrum10 mg.Digestive, antiseptic
29Safed ChandanSantalum album10 mg.Purifies the blood
30AkarkaraPyrethrum radix10 mg.Increase sexual power & duration gear up nervous system
31Konkol MirchCubeba sp.10 mg.Spermatorrhoea & prostatorrhoea

1 capsule twice a day with luke warm milk.

For the past 30 years Energic-31 has been the most trusted and valued brand of our company. The rave reviews and valuable feedbacks of the users have inspired us to uphold the quality of our products to the best international standards.