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Heart and Carviovascular Care / Hearto Capsules

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"Keep Your Heart Smiling A natural Way"

Hearto is a unique herbal remedy for heart ailments. Being herbal, provide a distinct advantage of least side effects and ability to benefit in almost all type of cardio-vascular problems. It normalizes the blood pressure, helps in prevention of heart attacks, regularizes heart beats and reduces blood cholesterol.

Mechanism of Action of terminalia arjuna

Apart from its beneficial effects over heart, it also serves to relieve indigestion and gas trouble. The principal ingredient in hearto is terminalia arjuna (locally known as arjun ki chhal). Research suggests that Terminalia is useful in alleviating the pain of angina pectoris and in treating heart failure and coronary artery disease. Terminalia may also be useful in treating hypercholesterolemia[1].

The cardioprotective effects of terminalia are thought to be caused by the antioxidant nature of several of the constituent flavonoids and oligomeric proanthocyanidins, while positive inotropic effects may be caused by the saponin glycosides. In addition to its cardiac effects, Terminalia may also be protective against gastric ulcers, such as those caused by NSAIDs [2].

Sr No.Name of IntegredientsScientific NameQuantity
1Arjun Ki ChhalTerminalia Arzuna220 mg.
2Chhoti PipalPiper Longum40 mg.
3Bari IlaichiAmomum Subulatum Roxb40 mg.
4Doodh BachParis Pollyphylla40 mg.
5AjwainTracbyspermum Ammi40 mg.
6SonthZingiber Officinals40 mg.
7HeengFerula Narthex15 mg.
8AnardanaPunica Granatum40 mg.
9Chhoti HarrTerminalia Chebula25 mg.
  • 2 capsules thrice a day with water, half hour before meals.
  • For instant relief in angina, open the capsule and take the medicine sublingually
  • Gives better result in controlling both hypertension and hypotension, if taken with Energic- 31 capsules